Salt Cay Divers has been providing eco-tourism for the past 18 years. Recently, staff attended training to become more educated on the wetlands as well as sea and land birds on Salt Cay. We are now offering tours to visit the mangroves and hike the island or kayak the Creek learning about the plant and bird life unique to Salt Cay.

Salt Cay is just 3 miles by 2 miles and has some of the most gorgeous historical Salinas and ponds to hike. You can walk the entire island in a day. There are tide pools with hundreds of creatures in its nurseries. We have mangroves you can kayak through in your “peak a boo” bottomed kayaks and identify the “Marsh Monsters.”

Bone Fishing

The blue-hole area of the Creek is excellent for fly fishing. Catch and release is always a favorite.

The Creek - great kayaking and bone fishing

Bird watching has become very popular on Salt Cay. Dr. Mike and Ann Pienkowski developed a bird guild called  "Birding in Paradise." The guide book is informative and can be purchased at Splash Boutique. The guide book identifies over 56 species of birds walking the salt ponds or, sitting on the harbor wall, while the east side of the island you’ll find the mangroves, Ospreys, Blue Herons , and Red Egrets to name just a few. In the Spring months Great Sand Cay, a bird sanctuary, is taken over by rare birds nesting and laying their eggs.

Salt Cay has several hundred acres of wetland area. The small island has the largest amount of heather in the world. Lots of plants are still being used for medicinal purposes, in a practice known as “bush medicine.”  The large quantity of heather is one of many reasons Salt Cay is being considered as a World Heritage site.


Self or Guided Walking Tours
Salt Cay is rich in history and was one of the largest Salt producing islands in the Caribbean in the 17-18 and 1900's. Walking the streets of Salt Cay is like stepping back in time. There are three historical churches with beautiful Bermudian style architecture. There are two of the oldest plantation homes called the Brown House and White House. The Governors House with the original Bermudian style fireplace has undergone restoration as well as the main house. Fund raising efforts are on-going to complete the restoration.

Salt Cay has the best snorkeling from shore of all the Turks Islands. You can get to one of 5 different locations by foot, bike or golf cart. Often you see Sting rays, squid, turtles, schools of Grunts, Snappers and Ocean triggers, just to mention a few. If you visit Salt Cay in the spring you might see the mating of the nurse sharks in just 3 ft of water. There are near-by uninhabited cays to explore and snorkeling with the Sting rays in just 3-5 feet of water is just a 25 min boat ride away from Salt Cay.

In the winter months, January - March is Humpback whale season. Serious kayakers paddle out and sit quietly on the ocean in hopes that a whale will come up right beside you. Dolphins are often seen accompanying the whales on their way to the warmer waters of the Dominican Republic.

Salt Cay is one of the last places in the world with “soft water encounters” allowing you to snorkel beside the magnificent Humpback whales.

Tell us your areas of interest and we will design a unique package just for you and your friends and family.

Come explore, relax and experience the Caribbean the way it used to be, and still is on Salt Cay.


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